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I’d like to start off with a quote from William Donahue.

“We have about 47,000 priests in this country and most of them are damn good men, but some of them are rotten.”

What is it about men over forty who go through mid-life crisis?

Is it the monotonous life that drives them to seek something new and exciting?

Are they really bored with their wives or are they just plain selfish?

What occurred over the past couple of days ago has stunned me. At first I did not know this man at all. After a couple of sips of Jack Daniel with my friends, he explained exactly who he was and how much power he has over the up coming generation. At first I began to like him, well let me rephrase that, I began to like the way he thinks. I’m attracted to men who have, for lack of a better phrase, a mature mentality. So there was, intrigued by this old man [and I mean old- around 48] drawn in by his knowledge, power, insights about life, his life style and charisma. But than it dawned on me, I said to myself, Kgaugelo wait a minute this man is old enough to be your grandfather snap out of it! So I did and I realised that he was just some dude who thinks he’ll get lucky. To top it off he tried to speak slang, now and again throwing in swear words like “s%@t and f&$k” so as to identify and fit in with the urban lingo and I was not impressed. As he was going on, I realised that shame all he wants is to be young again and it disgusted me.

And this experience reminded him what it feels like to be below thirty. To chill and just be. No worries about work, family, responsibility and That’s what we gave him. That space to be new again, he dropped his big title and BEE tie and chilled with the three of us.However, I think when life has gone passed don’t leave behind your responsibilities. I later found out that he was married-feel very sorry for the wife because I do think he does this everywhere he goes [macks young girls hoping to score] ag sies man, ba bodile [translation: they are rotten]! Don’t they ever think of repercussions? Ag shame he had knocked on the wrong tree this time around. I’m not one of those girls BEE dudes can pick up… I’m going to get to the top the right way and I don’t care how long it takes as long as my intergrity is intact.

The funniest thing is that most men go through this. I kept on wondering, “dude don’t you have a wife whom you respect and love?” Where have the morals and values gone to? BEE dudes, now that they have made it they forget who stood by them as they struggled, they live for the moment forgetting that there are diseases out there, most importantly they forget that the money and fame can disappear in a matter of seconds and no one will be there for them. This man reminds me of my dad and step-dad but those are stories for my next blog. Stay tune…

September 2020