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My coming in and going out…

Posted on: March 9, 2009


Yes, I know I’ve been gone for almost four months *gasp* but nonetheless Mrs K is back. You probably thinking dude it’s been over 97 days, 18 hours and a few seonds since you’ve last blogged, what happened? Was I in hospital? Did I get stranded somewhere? No silly, I just had the writers block…*and there was silence* Hmmm I guess that’s not valid enough ok ok ok I as afraid of blogging again. I guess you may call it “spiral of silence”. My passion for writing was sort of stunted but yes I apologise for mysterious disappearance. I’ll will not do that again but just know this time around I won’t blog as much as I used to because I hardly have time to myself.

So much as happened over the last few months- I actually don’t know where to begin. I’m always overwhelmed by the thought that I’m actually in fourth year completing my Bjourn@ Rhodes and specialising in new media *someone pinch me please* I still think it’s a dream. Anyhow it’s been great, we’re moving like lightning through our course work and I haven’t had time to digest and process some of the stuff  but it’s all going wonderfully and I’m loving every second.

My family is great- mom is happy as usually, my brother is growing fast, we had our family extended over December. Yeah that was a huge one but slowly we’re coming to terms with that (will blog about this-it has been tough for my mom). We’re praying and hoping for some miracle and breakthrough to occur. I also saw my little brother and he is getting cuter by the moment, paps has issues as always but I love him nonetheless. My man is good-he is becoming more and more handsome and I fall in love with him every single second of everyday. My highlight for the Dec/Jan holiday was our third year anniversary-can’t spill too much info -but lets just say that he was Mr Charmer of note and the day was spectacular! I’ve become Multimedia Editor for it has not been easy but I’m praying for an answer concerning our website. I’m still tutoring and mentoring and enjoying the platform of sharing my life and skills to fellow varsity mates. Lastly and probably most importantly, I’m starting a business and it seems big, I not sure how big but I’m excited and I can’t wait to actually talk to the relevant people about it and get it up and running in Johannesburg.

So yeah… That’s  what happened over the past four months in a nutshell. Don’t worry I’ll blog and set up pictures about everything that’s happening when time allows. For now, I need to go back to my readers we’re doing digital photography- it’s going to be interesting knowing that I can’t take professional pictures to save my life.

I’ll end off the post by saying welcome back Miss K and I wish you many rewarding posts…”Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can”.

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